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Aftercare and Maintenance Procedures

The following relates to all Easy Bathrooms products

Our products have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring they are long-lasting and look their best whilst maintaining functionality throughout the course of their lifetime. To ensure your purchase maintains its aesthetic integrity and function, please follow the guidelines below.

General Aftercare Procedure (all products)

When installing a product that requires the use of tools either with or around the product, extra care must be taken to avoid damaging the finish or the fittings of all products.

To maintain the appearance of your purchase, please ensure it is cleaned regularly using a clean, soft, damp cloth only.

Cleaning products that contain abrasive ingredients or detergents must not be used as they may cause surface deterioration and ruin the finish and function of the item.

Shower Valves:

Before you install your shower valve it is recommended to check your water pressure. Excessive water pressure can damage the valve whereas not enough water pressure will result in the valve failing to work correctly.

Important note: at static water pressures above 5 bar, you must install a pressure reducing valve in the mains supply pipe set at 3 Bar static for optimum results.

As a guide to see if your water pressure is too high, simply measure how many pints of water you get from your kitchen tap, with the cold side fully turned on. If your waterflow is in excess of 8 pints (or equivalent) in 30 seconds then you require a pressure reducing valve fitting to your incoming mains supply pipe, immediately after the stopcock to premises.



Please ensure all chrome plated brassware products are cleaned regularly using a clean, soft, damp cloth only. Abrasive cleaners or detergents must not be used as they may cause surface deterioration.

For best results ensured the chrome is dried with a suitable soft dry cloth.


The glazed finish of your Sanitaryware should be cleaned after use by applying a small amount of a suitable cream cleaner. Apply using a sponge or damp cloth and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Cleaners containing abrasive ingredients/materials should be avoided.


Tiles should be cleaned by washing with warm water to which a neutral, clear, low sulphate detergent has been added. After cleaning, rinse well with clean water and polish with a clean soft dry cloth.


Melamine, Vinyl and Foil Wrapped Doors

In most cases marks can be removed with a soft damp cloth. Persistent marks can be removed using a non silicone based furniture cleaner. Hot soapy water should be avoided. Once the mark is removed, the area should be wiped over with a damp cloth to remove any excess and dried with a soft clean cloth. On no account should solvent or an abrasive cleaner be used as permanent damage to the finish could take place.

High Gloss Doors

Avoid using cleaning products that contain aggressive ingredients such as acetone, alcohol and bleach, as these harsh ingredients can cause irreversible damage to the surface of the door. To clean high gloss doors it is recommended to use a soft cotton or microfibre cloth with water and soft soap (containing a maximum 1% of liquid soap)


Do not place furniture right next to a towel rail or radiator as if mounted to close it will cause warping and discolouration - Towel Rails must be at least 300mm away from All Bathrooms Furniture. 

Carcase Components

Do not use polish on any surfaces. Most marks or spills can be removed with a damp cloth and soapy water. Bleaches, scouring pads and multi-surface cleaners should not be used.

Glass Basin's

Glass Basin's can not have a rapid heat change in them as this will cause cracking. - Must also not be in a room more than 75 Degrees

Drawers, Runners, Door Hinges

These should be wiped out with a damp soapy cloth and wiped dry with a soft dry cloth as necessary. The roller runners and hinges are lubricated and should not be cleaned with a degreasing agent as this will affect the action of the moving parts. Never lean on partially or fully opened doors and drawers in order to gain access to the units. The hinges are specified to adequately support the weight of the door, plus small additional weights such as wire accessories. It is advised that once the bathroom has been installed you should check every six months that all screws on the hinges are tight.


Although the worktop is hard wearing, sharp objects will scratch and excessive heat will scorch the surface. Care should be taken not to drop any heavy objects onto the worktop as the surface may crack. For cleaning, a damp soapy cloth will clean off most spills. Bleaches, scouring pads and multi-surface cleaners should not be used. Corrosive liquids and makeup should be wiped off immediately. On no account should any spillage, even water, be allowed to lie on the surface.

Wall Panels

Clean using light soap and water only. Please take extra care around joins and areas where panels have been cut as with some products water ingress can warp panels.

Temperature and Humidity

Avoid excessive change in temperature and humidity. Always try to ensure adequate ventilation.

General care, spillages and splashes

On no account should any spillages or splashes, even water, be allowed to lie on any surface. All spillages and splashes should be wiped dry, failure to do so may shorten the life expectancy of the product and invalidate any guarantees.

Removing Glue Residue

If your product has glue residue on its high gloss surface, we recommend you only use VuPlex plastic cleaner to remove it.

Shower Enclosures:

Easy Bathrooms Easy Clean glass allows water to form minute beads which easily trickle off the surface of the glass. This makes the glass easier to clean - the glass does not need to be cleaned as frequently, but it does require occasional maintenance. As less cleaning is required the use of detergents can be minimised thus helping to protect the environment.

The lifespan of the Easy Bathrooms Easy Clean glass is dependant on the frequency of use of the shower and the degree of water hardness. The combination of alkaline materials and humidity affects glass in an extremely aggressive way. Do not use bleach, alkaline, acid-based or aggressive and abrasive glass cleaners, detergents or household cleaning products on the glass or frames.

We recommend that glass is washed down with clean water and a soft clean cloth or sponge and dried off with a microfibre cloth. The special coating is only present on the inside of the glass.

Easy Bathrooms Easy Clean coating is guaranteed for 2 years provided that the guidelines and cleaning instructions are followed. Aluminium and chrome parts should be cleaned with a mild non scratch household cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use acidic-based descaler products or products which are unsuitable for cleaning enamelled surfaces, including abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing bleach or solvents, as the products will affect the anodised framework.

Under no circumstances use cleaners with a pH level exceeding 8. We do not recommend the use of 'Leave-on' shower cleaners on Easy Bathrooms shower enclosures.

Water Softeners and Easy Clean Glass - Certain types of water softeners increase the alkalinity of the water due to a carry-over of chloride during regeneration which can cause aggressive water spots on both untreated and Easy Clean glass. If using a water softener we recommend a two-cylinder machine with automatic re-generation instead of a timer. If a single-cylinder water softener with timer is already installed it is recommended that after each shower excess water is removed from the glass with a squeegee or with a micro-fibre cloth.