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December 9th 2015
3 min read

Christmas Decor in the Cloakroom

The cloakroom is the one room in the house that will almost certainly be used by any visitors or guests, so why not put up some Christmas decorations in here as well as in the usual rooms.

An easy way to add a touch of the festive season to your cloakroom is to add a splash of Christmas colour with towels, flannels, sponges etc. You can buy Christmas novelty items suitable for bathrooms at many stores but if you prefer something more subtle, you can concentrate on creating a festive colour theme in your bathroom. Red, silver, green and gold are traditional Christmas colours and it is possible to find plain coloured towels that perhaps have a small, simple snowflake or a small picture of a snowman or Santa embroidered on them.

There are also many Christmas bathroom accessories such as liquid soaps, traditional soap dishes and toothbrush holders that can be used to add a festive touch. They are not expensive and can be put away with all the other Christmas decorations once Christmas is over.

If you have the space, why not have a small Christmas tree in the cloakroom? A small artificial tree would be perfect for placing in the corner of the room or on top of the toilet cistern. Tree baubles placed in a basket on the windowsill add a nice decorative touch and scented candles are always popular. Favourite Christmas scents are pine, cinnamon and ginger so adding one of these scents to your cloakroom will add a festive touch that your guests will love. If you prefer something natural, you could tie and few sticks of cinnamon together, they smell lovely and will add a decorative touch to your cloakroom.

Pictures are always an attractive addition to any room so why not replace your existing art work in the cloakroom with some with a Christmas theme. You could choose a snow scene, pictures of candles or even something quirky and funny depending on your taste.

Another nice idea is just to write a simple message on a child’s blackboard and hang it on the wall. Most children have a small blackboard in their toy box so this is an easy, free decoration to add to your wall.

You could also add a few Christmas window stickers, or snow spray to a mirror or the cloakroom window.  Bathroom windows are often frosted so they would only be visible from inside. Stickers come in various designs such as reindeers, snowflakes and trees and are easy to apply and remove when Christmas is over. Snow spray is also easy to use but unfortunately can be quite difficult to remove.

Flowers or plants associated with the Christmas season, such as poinsettia, holly, ivy, or mistletoe would look good in a pot or vase on the windowsill or hung in bunches from the wall or placed around mirrors or pictures.

Christmas doesn’t have to be about spending a fortune, but by using a few of these inexpensive ideas you will add a touch of Christmas to a room that is often overlooked at this time of year.