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July 15th 2016
3 min read

Cloakroom Bathroom Design Tips

Many family homes could benefit from an additional bathroom, but without extending your property adding additional facilities can be difficult. Thanks to our compact cloakroom furniture and fixtures you can realistically convert a small utility room to a beautiful cloakroom bathroom that fits the needs of a growing family and maximises your house value without a huge investment.

Things to consider before you begin
When working with a small space one of the main challenges is to make the room appear bigger than it really is. Light colours, compact furniture, clever lighting and avoiding the use of clutter are all key to making a small room look larger and become a nicer, more functional space.

Although your space is limited you need to draw the focus away from this restriction. Successfully managing the issue of size in a cloakroom bathroom is the biggest part of making the space a valuable asset to your home and there are a number of ways you can do this.

Make it light, bright and welcoming
A light space can often have the illusion of making a room feel bigger; the last thing you want is a dark space where the walls are closing in on you.

When creating an effective cloakroom bathroom think of how you can capture and create light to make the room feel more expansive than it really is; does your WC have a window and are you making the most of it? Will one light do or maybe you need a couple? Is a traditional pendant ceiling light appropriate for your room? All of these choices will make a real difference to how your room works.

A simple colour scheme usually works best
The general rule of decorating a cloakroom bathroom is to avoid using complex tile patterns or chintzy patterned wallpaper. Dark colours are a no-no as they absorb the light you wish to retain to make your room look brighter and welcoming.

If you use a lighter colour scheme with minimal pattern, light will be reflected around the room much better than when using darker colours. A lighter colour scheme with a simple pattern will also make the walls feel further away than they actually are.

Large gloss tiles are perfect for rooms that are particularly limited in size as they make the space look brighter and bigger and match the most common colour of bathroom ceramic ensuring that everything blends together.

Buy furniture suited to the job
When creating a cloakroom bathroom make sure you purchase cloakroom furniture; unless you have an exceptionally large cloakroom space buying regular furniture is going to make the room look cramped and could restrict movement therefore reducing the room’s functionality.

Cloakroom furniture has been designed to give you function without taking up space and many items of cloakroom furniture offer hidden gems – like the Summers 900 WC and Vanity Combination Unit which offers an all-in-one toilet and basin with built-in storage.

Avoid unnecessary decoration
A modest accessory can certainly add the personal touch, but don’t go overboard on accessories in your cloakroom bathroom; furnishing a cloakroom bathroom is all about getting more from less.

Fitted accessories such as a built-in toilet roll holder and towel ring should be considered – but you will have to really consider whether anything else is really necessary.

An overview
Creating a successful cloakroom bathroom is a fantastic addition to a growing household as well as being one of the most economical ways of adding value to your home and both of these aspects need to be considered before you begin your project.

Remember that making a small room lighter makes the space feel less claustrophobic. Think about lighting, colour scheme and fit-for-purpose cloakroom furniture to ensure the space feels bigger and gives you enough space to move around.

If you need help with the design of your cloakroom bathroom all you need to do is take your measurements and bring them down to any Easy Bathrooms showroom. We use state-of-the-art ArtiCad design software enabling our expert staff to design your bathroom in our showroom – giving you a 3D model so you can see the space before it has been completed.