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December 18th 2018
2 min read

Five Tips to Get Your Bathroom Christmas-Ready

If you’re usually the Christmas host, you may want to prepare your bathroom for all your guests.

After all, everyone wants to be proud of their home. So what better time to sort your bathroom out, than before the festive period?

We’ve put together some tips to help get your bathroom ready for Christmas:

1. Get Scrubbing Your Tiles

Cleaning your bathroom tiles can quite easily get pushed to the side and forgotten about when doing your routine clean.

But cleaning your tiles prevents discolouration and keeps them looking bright and fresh – which makes all the difference to guests. If you want them to glisten brighter than your Christmas tree, then follow these steps.

2. Fresh Towels

An important part of your bathroom preparations are the towels and bath mats – these need to be changed regularly when guests are coming round.

So, if you know your home is going to be packed with guests over the festive period, be sure to stock up on plenty of towels. No one wants to be drying their hands on damp towels that have been used for the past few days!

Washing your bath mat is also a good idea – it’ll help make the room smell fresh. Or, if it’s starting to look a bit dated, it might be worth buying a new one.

The colour of the towels also matters. Match them to your bathroom colour scheme, or bring out some festive towels!

Where and how your towels are placed plays an important part of your bathroom look. Using towel holders are a small touch, but can make a huge difference, for example!

3. Bathroom Mirror

One of the most important pieces of bathroom furniture that you’ll want sparkling, is your bathroom mirror. Pretty much everyone at Christmas wants to look their best, so make sure your mirror is clear of toothpaste speckles, water splashes and fingerprints, so your guests can check themselves out, smear-free!

A popular mirror of ours are the illuminated mirrors. We’re sure these would be topic of conversation among your guests!

4. Treat your Guests

Treat your guests/family, with a scented fancy soap; maybe some hand cream too. You’ll be surprised how many guests will appreciate the festive smelling soap and cream!

5. Coordinate your Bathroom

Matching bathroom sets are another small aspect of your bathroom – which you may think don’t matter – yet you’d be surprised how much a difference they can make to your bathroom.

Harmonised accessories create a refined, sophisticated look.

Take a look at some of our accessories – we’re sure you’ll find something you love to suit your bathroom! We even have a sale on.

Pop into your local showroom, where one of our team members will be happy to assist you.