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February 28th 2018
2 min read

Go Big or Go Home: The Best Tiles for Small Bathrooms

It’s no secret that tiles and bathrooms go hand-in-hand. Not only are tiles more hygienic than other material options, but they can also withstand lots of splashing about unlike carpet or wood flooring, meaning that maintenance is easier, too.

But knowing what kind and style of tiles to choose for a small bathroom is no easy task — there are just so many design possibilities.

The size, style, colour, pattern and material of tiles are all things to be considered.

But when it comes to small spaces, we think there’s a tried and tested formula that works better than any other.

The number one trick? Using large format tiles.

Bigger tiles ultimately means fewer tiles, resulting in less grout lines. Grout is known to distract the eye with its grid-like look and creates a busier feel.

So using large tiles makes the eye believe that the wall or floor area is bigger than it actually is, creating an illusion where the room feels spacious.

Another technique to making a small bathroom feel larger, is choosing pale-coloured, glossy tiles for the wall and floor.

While dark tones absorb light, a pale tone reflects light, opening the space up. Glossy tiles also help to intensify this effect.

Matching your grout colour to your tile  colour also produces a seamless, clean finish, especially compared to contrasting black tiles with white grout, for example.

Go for something simple to avoid making a small bathroom feel cramped. Highly patterned tiles will dominate the space, so opt for a plain tile. This simplistic Milne tile is a beautiful choice for the wall.

Pair the same tiles on the walls and floor in your small bathroom. If you do choose to lay two different tiles, then try to find some which match in tone. This will make the room appear larger. 

Consider the configuration of your tiles. Laying them diagonally across the floor gives the space a vibrant feel and provides the illusion of a  larger room.

There are plenty of ways to make your small bathroom look bigger using tiles. Browse our tiles and, if you’re still not sure, book in with one of our advisors for your free 3D bathroom design, to help you visualise the space for yourself.