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November 27th 2015
3 min read

How Choosing the Right Tiles Can Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

It used to be thought that large tiles should not be used in a small bathroom and until some years ago most people did in fact use small tiles (e.g. 10x 10cm). However, the many lines of grouting needed when using small tiles, can look unattractive.

Large tiles (e.g. 60x30 cm) have less lines of grout and if they can be applied without any cuts they can be a good choice for smaller bathrooms, but be aware that there could be quite a lot of wastage.

To be on the safe side, many people opt for medium sized tiles (e.g. 40 x 20 cm) which are visually pleasing, easy to lay and save on wastage.

If desired, you could use different sized tiles such as mosaics, inside the shower area just to add definition and interest.


White, pastel and neutral coloured tiles can make a bathroom look bigger as they reflect the light more than darker colours. If you really do not like the thought of having a uniform, neutral colour scheme, you could mix and match your tile colours using both light and dark; for example cream with brown tiles, but always ensure that at least half of your tiles are the lighter colour to make certain your bathroom still has an air of spaciousness.

Many tiles in the Easy Bathrooms’ range such as the Brooklyn Silver Ceramic Tile are suitable to be used on both the walls and the floor. This can help to make your bathroom look bigger and to further boost this effect you could use grout that is a similar colour to the tiles.

It is also a good idea to paint woodwork, doors and non-tiled walls the same shade as the tiled walls, thus retaining the airy and open feel of the room. Colour can always be introduced by using bold accessories, blinds, towels, mats and artwork.

Floor Tiles

Tiles that are laid in straight, even rows tend to draw the eye along those lines, so if your bathroom is narrow laying tiles in this way will make it seem longer and narrower than it actually is. If the tiles are laid on the diagonal, the eye is drawn out to the corners of the room thus visually widening the area.

Another popular tiling technique is to make the flooring look as if it was made of one huge tile. This effect is achieved by using big tiles and a grout in a similar colour. 

Now that you have done all you can to ensure that your tiling choice will make your bathroom look as spacious as possible, it is time to ensure that the effect you have created will not be diminished by clutter. If at all possible, keep toiletries, cleaning materials and other ‘bits and bobs’ that seem to accumulate in our bathrooms out of sight. If you don’t have a vanity unit that you can use, why not use decorative baskets of different sizes, stacked upon each other.

These do not take up much room and can be fitted into spaces that would otherwise be unusable, such as a corner behind the door or the space below a pedestal basin.