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January 4th 2021
2 min read

How to Change a Radiator to a Vertical Towel Rail

In our latest blog, our customer services manager Lydia Luxford answers how easy it is to change a radiator to a heated towel rail or a vertical radiator.


"I'd like to switch the small radiator in my bathroom to a wall mounted heated towel rail as part of my bathroom renovation. The heated towel rail will be on the same wall in the same place, just on the wall. What work is involved in switching?"


"Changing a radiator to a heated towel rail is a relatively easy job - the cost depends on which product you choose.

For example, there are many sizes available, but you could source a towel rail with the same pipework width to your current radiator, meaning that the current pipework can be used, saving costs.

It's important to think about your requirements. If you have multiple people in the household, and you need more space for towels, it's worth getting a taller towel rail - rather than a wider one - preventing the need for the pipes to be moved into the wall and even from being altered at all.

Alternatively, if you want to change the style, e.g. to a smaller designer towel rail, which may need to be fitted higher on the wall, then it's inevitable that the pipes will need chasing into the wall. In this instance, take consideration of the location of the item - make sure it's installed in an open and usable area, such as above the open end of a bath. To re-pipe a radiator, the heating system has to be emptied, cleaned and then recommissioned, so is it worth moving the item to a different location for better use as the cost of actually rerouting pipes is minimal compared to the system drainage and refill.

Fitting the item on a timber and plastered wall is always preferable for routing the pipes, but all heating engineers have the right equipment to bed pipes into brick walls at a bit more of a cost so don't be put off if your wall is brick.

Whatever you decide, choose the item and location before the installer starts. You always need to know the pipe centres or width requirement of the pipes (including the valves) and the desired height of the item. If this changes part way through it will increase costs, whilst if it changes once a first fix has been completed, you will have to pay the whole cost again."

View our range of designer towel rails. Or if it's a radiator you're looking for, read more about the best radiators for small bathrooms.