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March 2nd 2023
3 min read

How to Choose the Right Shower

A handy guide: How to choose the right shower for your home

Your ideal shower, however much you love the look of it, has to work with the plumbing in your home — otherwise it won’t be much use.

Understanding your shower system is essential for choosing the right shower, so we’ve put together a simple guide on the different shower options and their pros and cons.

1. The electric shower
The standard electric shower is connected to a mains cold water supply and has an element within the shower itself, which heats the water using electricity. It’s perfectly safe and means that, as long as your electricity is on and working, you’ll have continuous hot water.

This may sound like a potentially costly option, but the great thing is that you don’t need a full tank of water to be heated every time you have a shower — as some other options require.

An electric shower is the first choice for any busy bathroom where people are showering one after the other.

2. The power shower
If electric showers sound like your thing, but your system doesn’t generally offer enough pressure, then a power shower could be the answer.

This takes in cold water and heats it as a normal electric shower would, but uses an electric pump to increase the pressure. This means the water will leave the shower head with more force and speed.

To achieve this, it uses 3-5 times more water and energy than other shower styles.

3. The mixer shower
A mixer shower does what it says on the tin; it mixes hot and cold water before it leaves the shower head.

However, the temperature in a mixer shower can be hard to control as it is often connected to a supply that is used elsewhere in the house. In this case, if warm water is used from a different tap, your shower will cool down, or if cold water is used for flushing a toilet, for example, then your shower temperature could dangerously increase.

To tackle this temperature issue, you can install a thermostatic mixer shower. This is essentially a mixer shower with a controlling thermostat which senses any dramatic change in the temperature and instantly rectifies it.

However, this type of shower uses hot water from a tank, and once that’s empty, you will have to wait for it to refill.

4. The digital shower
For the more tech-focused shower lover, the digital shower could be the perfect solution. Their state-of-the-art technology, stylish look and ease of installation offer a winning choice for a shower that can be chosen in either an electric or mixer variation.

Our range of Aqualisa digital showers are the perfect solution.

The digital Aqualisa shower head is controlled through a smart and sleek panel that works with the shower unit to adjust flow and temperature.

Being a thermostatic shower, your temperature and pressure are never interrupted as the thermostatic control dynamically adjusts the mix of hot and cold water for the perfect shower every time. Intuitive LED lights indicate when the shower has reached your chosen temperature and is ready to use.

Effortlessly voice control your shower via the Aqualisa mobile app, Amazon Alexa or Google Home. With an interactive dashboard, you are able to preprogramme shower times – which is ideal for busy mornings.

The Aqualisa shower has been made with the UK’s most advanced digital mixer valve, which analyses water temperatures ten times per second to ensure safety as well as an uninterrupted shower.

Browse all of our shower options at your nearest Easy Bathrooms showroom.