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September 22nd 2021
3 min read

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

A creative guide to maximizing your small (but functional!) bathroom space, whether you're on a budget or wish to renovate to your heart's content. 

Choose large format tiles

It may seem counterintuitive but choosing a large pattern can make a space seem bigger as it means there will be fewer grout tiles which can look ‘busy’ and distract the eye.

Rectified tiles are even better, as it means the grout line will be super thin, as the tiles can butt right up next to each other. Don’t let your fitter put you off them!

Increase or Change Your Lighting

Many bathrooms feel smaller than they are due to improper lighting or an outdated light fixture. Consider choosing a brighter bulb or replacing your vanity lights with some that allow the light to shine through or be directed in the right places cleanly. 

Switch to a Smaller Sink

The best choice for the space in a tiny bathroom is a narrower vanity unit that doesn't stick out so much. Smaller sinks can do wonders in allowing for extra floor space if you're currently squeezing to get to your shower, tub, or toilet. 

Or, if you're willing to sacrifice some storage space, you can choose a pedestal sink. Pedestals take up even less floor space to provide increased roominess. If you choose a pedestal sink, you can supplement it with shelving or a small, open cabinet. Often, having no doors on your storage choices can be an excellent opportunity for decorative pieces. If you need to conceal personal items, you can use gorgeous baskets or modern containers. These open shelving or cabinet areas draw your eyes in and make the space interesting, giving the illusion of more space. 

Choose a Glass Shower Enclosure

A shower curtain blocks off a significant portion of the bathroom and can prevent light from filling the entirety of the space, so choosing a glass shower enclosure can also maximize your space while also providing a modern, sleek look.  

Choose Light Colors

A poor paint choice for a bathroom is an outdated cream or brown colour that makes the entire space seem darker. Or, the tiles could be dark and contrasting with other bathroom fixtures and bringing the room down. Choosing lighter shades for paint and tiles can lighten the space and make it feel cleaner and more spacious. 

A great way to brighten up the bathroom could also be doing a deep clean throughout and cleaning the grout between your tiles. Over time, the grout can absorb grime and become very discoloured. Many different products strip this and return grout to brand new condition. 

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