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April 20th 2022
2 min read

How to plan your downstairs bathroom

Our experts answer some key questions we have been asked by customers when planning their downstairs bathrooms:

What size should a downstairs bathroom be? 

The size of an additional bathroom area is dependent on your requirements, the only limit would most likely be determined by the layout and space available in your property. However, for a downstairs bathroom, I would suggest only using the amount of space needed to fit the specific goods you're wanting. You do not want to take extra space from other rooms as this could impact resale.

My recommendation before going shopping to purchase a suite and tiles would be to really assess what you want from the room. Most downstairs bathrooms are just a simple toilet and basin or a toilet, basin and shower area for ease of access and use in a busy household. Whilst upgrades to properties will always increase value, there is a limit to those increases.


Where should a new downstairs toilet be placed in an existing home's layout? 

Downstairs toilets are usually located on outside walls as this will give you easier access to drainage. For most properties, they are most commonly positioned in areas of wasted space such as an unused cloakroom area or under the stairs avoiding using up much-needed floor space in other rooms of the property.

If neither of these are suitable for your property, I would highly recommend positioning the toilet room close to an entry/exit of the property and as close to outside drainage - this will reduce the costs of linking the toilet to the draining system.

How much value does a downstairs toilet add to a house?  

Properties with an extra downstairs toilet most definitely make houses more appealing to prospective buyers. On average, the value increase can be up to 5% of a property value.


Do you need more help planning our downstairs bathroom? You can use our dream bathroom planner here