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May 25th 2022
2 min read

Meet the Team: Assistant Transport Manager

Craig is the assistant transport manager here at Easy Bathrooms. 

What does your day-to-day role involve at Easy Bathrooms?
I am the assistant transport manager here at Easy Bathrooms. Some of the main day to day role includes ensuring that all drivers are adhering to company processes and completing their daily tasks to an acceptable level. Another really important activity is to ensure that the vehicle fleet is kept to safety standards as set out by the Transport Manager.

What are your main goals here for the next five years?
My main goal is to continue learning and improving my skillset to enable me to take over as Transport Manager at Easy Bathrooms if the opportunity arises

If you had to prioritise just one area of your role, which would it be and why?
Vehicle Maintenance as it is always a challenge in transport. With the mileage they do, there is always something that can go wrong and usually, this happens at short notice. 

What would you say is the most challenging aspect of your role?
As above, vehicle maintenance is probably the most challenging aspect of my role. But it is a challenge that is always exciting and also satisfying when we have successful outcomes.

f you were given an additional £250,000 of budget to spend within the next month, what would you splash out on, and why?
I would invest it in training, new vehicles, new equipment and anything else to help further improve the transport department.

What brand, not in the bathroom industry, do you admire?
Adidas Gazelles - got plenty of pairs of these at home, so clearly their marketing has worked on me!

If you could invent one tool that would make your job easier, what would it do?

Self-driving delivery robots... they would not answer you back, unlike human drivers!

What’s your favourite Easy Bathrooms product?

Freestanding Baths as they look the part in a nice spacious bathroom.