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Meet our Norwich bathroom showroom manager

Our Norwich manager shares what's involved in his day-to-day role, his home style and biggest achievement yet...

Name: Liam Corcoran

Position: Manager at our bathroom and tile showroom in Norwich

How long have you worked at Easy Bathrooms? 

I’ve been part of the Easy Bathrooms team since December of last year – so almost a year. Wow, that time has passed really quickly!

Tell us a bit more about your day-to-day role? 

Day to day, I make sure that the showroom runs as smoothly as it can. Luckily for me, the other staff that we have in Norwich are all very experienced and need little guidance from me.

Each day can be very different, and often it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, but for me that’s great. It means that we’re obviously doing something right. We have more and more customers walking through the door, as well as a growing pool of bathroom installers, plumbers and builders that use our products regularly.

What’s the favourite part of your position? 

It’s a little unfair, but, because I’m the manager, I don’t have to make the tea and coffee – I do wash up though!

Do you have a biggest achievement in work? 

Before the store opened, I helped to get it up and running.

Keeping up with Craig – the owner – and the fit out guys for the six or so weeks they were with us!

Certainly with Easy Bathrooms, the way these past eight months have gone has been great. Customers love the showroom, and it’s nice to feel like we’ve played a part in putting it together.

Your favourite bathroom trend of 2018?

Feature walls. It’s not a new trend necessarily but I’ve seen some great examples this year. I love sharing these with our prospective customers on the store’s Facebook page. The more daring the customer, the greater the reward when it comes to feature walls, I think.

Describe your home style

My wife and I (along with the children, and puppy) have recently moved into a new build – you shouldn’t really decorate new builds for a few months.

I’ve got lots and lots of ideas. For example, I really want to tile a wall in our living room – my wife isn’t convinced!

Another idea was to create a pallet wall in our cloakroom – they look great, check them out on Pinterest! Unfortunately, that idea was met with disgust!

What advice would you give to someone renovating their bathroom?

Do your research online, but before you make any decisions, go and visit a bathroom designer in one of our showrooms.

We plan bathrooms all day, everyday, and you never know – we might think of something you haven’t.

The range of product available is phenomenal, and things change regularly. Putting a bathroom together can be challenging and there’s a lot to think about – so start your journey online. Come and look, touch and feel products – there is really no substitution.

If I had a pound for the number of times a customer has started a conversation with, “I bought a ... online and it’s not quite what I expected”, or “It’s turned up damaged for the third time”, etc.

What one word would your colleagues use to describe you?


When you’re not at work, what would we catch you doing?

Shopping, it seems to be my wife Nichola’s favourite pastime!

I try and get to see the mighty Norwich City FC as often as I can. I also have three children. Oscar and Leo even have an Easy Bathrooms range named after them! And Cosmo the puppy keeps me busy!

Name three words to describe Easy Bathrooms

That’s too tricky to answer!

I have been helping customers through their ‘bathroom journey’ for a number of years and, in my opinion, the balance between quality and price that Easy Bathrooms offer is a good as anyone supplying similar products.

So, I would say – choice, quality and exciting!

If you live in Norfolk or Suffolk and you’re in the market for a bathroom, en-suite, cloakroom or even tiles, you should come and visit our Norwich showroom!

There’s ample, free parking and there isn’t a bigger bathroom specialist showroom in the eastern region.

Traders are welcome!

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