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April 12th 2018
2 min read

Revealed: The Shocking Bathroom Habits of British People

A willingness to share someone else’s dirty bath water, let their dog in the room while they’re bathing, and a preference for showers over baths are among the UK’s bathroom habits, according to research we carried out last month.

We carried out a study to reveal how over 300 British adults use their bathrooms. Here are the results...

Of those quizzed, four out of five said that they prefer the convenience of a shower for day-to-day cleaning, while 60% admitted they take advantage of the benefits of a bath at least once per month

One in ten even admitted that they took a dunk every day.

With reduced stress, soothed aches/pains and induced sleep all being benefits of time in the tub, these statistics come as no surprise.

Perhaps more shockingly, is the revelation that 45 percent of Brits confess to having shared the dirty bath water of a partner, friend or family member.

The figure emerges amid rising household costs and environmental issues surrounding the overuse of water.

The research also showed that we’re a nation of dog lovers, as an additional 45 percent professed to letting their furry friend in the room with them while they were bathing.

Commenting, our spokesperson Lauren Fealy said: “The bathroom has always been renowned as one of the best places to chill out in the home, but it’s clear that we’re now spending more time in there than ever before. It’s therefore never been more important for the bathroom to be a relaxing space, and we’re seeing this with the rise in demand for ‘spa-style’ finishes such as marble tiles and freestanding baths.

“The study has helped us to get into the mindset of our customers and understand exactly how they’re using their bathrooms. The fact that so many people let their dogs in the room while they bath is perhaps telling of how attached we are to our pets — maybe bathroom-friendly dog beds are going to be the next big bathroom trend!”

The poll also found that, on average, men shower more often than women. 60 percent of females said that they shower at least once a day, while when asked the same question, 78 percent of males said they freshen up a minimum of once a day.