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October 30th 2015
3 min read

Turn Your Garden Into a Place of Relaxation

We all need a place to relax in, and what better location than in your own garden. Regardless of size, your garden has the potential to become the perfect spot to unwind in after a stressful day.

A quiet corner away from noise and traffic is an ideal location, set up a table and chairs where you can sit relax and enjoy a refreshing drink. Add colour and scent with fragrant, flowering, pot plants or choose an area that is rich in foliage, plants and shrubs.

Make the most of fragrant flowers by planting a mixture of scents you really like, making sure that you take into account the flowering times of each plant so that you will have a sequence of perfumes throughout the summer.

Climbing roses, jasmine and honeysuckle scrambling over a trellis or a wall behind your seating area will release their scent at head height as you relax; while plants such as lavender and aromatic herbs will provide fragrance at ground level when you brush past the foliage. To make sure your relaxation area stays looking beautiful all year round, choose plants that flower for long periods.

Water features
There are many things that you can do to improve your garden’s ambiance. One of them is adding a water feature. Whether that’s a fountain, a pond, or a water garden, is entirely a matter of preference. All will add a touch of tranquillity as there is something very soothing about the sound of gently trickling water.

Lighting also plays an important part in creating a relaxing garden. Down-lights, wall-mounted lamps and candlelight create a stress-free mood but steps and paths should also be illuminated for safety reasons. Solar-powered accent lights or fairy lights scattered in low hanging branches add drama and interest to the landscape and solar lights can also be used to highlight paths.

Simply place the solar panels in a sunny spot, let the sun work its magic and you’re done. To get the best effect combine a mix of lighting sources making your garden a magical place after dark.

It is important to make your relaxation area as private as possible as it is almost impossible to relax when you can feel your neighbours watching you. Gazebos, arbors, lattice fencing and pergolas can be used to bring some privacy to your outdoor area. They can also be used to create focal points, separate areas according to purpose, or provide passages from one area to another.

To be able to relax fully, you need to be comfortable. Lots of soft cushions placed on your garden furniture gives them a sumptuous feel and what about a hammock? You don’t have to have trees to hang it from as you can now get a hammock stand which can be placed anywhere. Lie back and enjoy!

Hot tub
The ultimate luxury item in your garden has to be a hot tub or spa; what could be better at the end of the day than a long relaxing soak? To determine the best location for the spa, consider privacy, access to the house, and whether you want the tub in sunshine or shade.

Set up outdoor speakers to pipe soft music into the garden or hang wind chimes. For sounds of nature, plant whispering grasses and bamboos.

Finally, accessorise your garden with sculptures and weatherproof art (such as plates, garden plaques, or decorative wrought iron). These touches will turn an ordinary patio area or deck into a welcoming, relaxing, personal space for outdoor living.