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April 25th 2018
2 min read

What’s the Deal With Rimless Toilets?

If you keep tabs on all of the latest home trends, then you may have heard about the newest product taking the bathroom industry by storm; rimless toilets.

If not, then the first thing you might be wondering is what on earth a rimless toilet is. Well, you’re not alone, because it’s a question we’re asked a lot.

To really notice the difference between a normal and rimless toilet, you have to lift the lid up and peer inside — where you’ll find a bowl without the rim around the top.

It might not sound like the most exciting bathroom trend, but there are plenty of benefits to a rimless toilet.

Here, we take look at what they are…

1. Easier To Blean

With a normal toilet, it can be difficult to give the ceramic a proper clean without squirting it with bleach and scrubbing with a sponge. The slimline, sleek design of the rimless bowl means that it is much easier to clean with one smooth wipe — no having to reach under the lip of the lid!

2. More Hygienic

Because water doesn’t flow down the inside of a rim, there are no angles or nooks for dirt, limescale and grime to build up, making the toilet more naturally clean in the first place.

3. Better Water Distribution

Rimless toilets use a different flush technique, where water is shot out of the back of the basin and distributed around the pan. This achieves a stronger flush and spreads water 360 degrees, reaching higher in the bowl and in the nooks and crannies that might usually get missed.

This powerful flush is also more economical than a traditional toilet, helping you to save on your water bills too.

With a range of benefits, this new product is here to stay, and we think we’ll be seeing rimless toilets in every home across the UK in the future.

If you’re sold on the idea of a rimless toilet, then we have a couple of rimless toilets available online.

The Zadok close coupled unit, with a slimline design, has quick-release hinges for ease-of-cleaning, a soft-close seat for peaceful mornings and a 25-year guarantee.

For a more minimalist look and feel, we also have the Zadok rimless toilet in a back-to-wall design.

If you want to see a rimless toilet in the flesh, then we have one on display in our Birstall showroom.

Do you already have a rimless toilet, or is it something you’re considering? Let us know on Twitter @easy_bathrooms

And if you're thinking about other types of toilets, read our blog which outlines the pros and cons of smart toilets.