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August 25th 2015
2 min read

How to Create a Lavish Bathroom

Because bathrooms are usually small, for most of us the fact that a bathroom is larger is a luxury in itself. Other factors that make a bathroom feel lush are large windows, wonderful views, the use of granite and marble plus extravagant and ornate accessories chosen to suit our individual taste. However, for most of us we just don’t have the luxury (or money) to have all these things so we need to create out very own personalised version of a lavish bathroom.

For some people “lavish” means streamlined and modern with  state of the art showers, spa or whirlpool baths, soft closing toilet seats, heated towel rails, underfloor heating and non-fogging mirrors, all of which can be found at easybathrooms. Some even add high-tech gadgets such as music systems built into the ceilings and Chromotherapy lighting of the water, which is a centuries-old concept of the therapeutic use of colour to cure various physical, psychological and spiritual problems and has become very popular when used with a whirlpool bath.

For others, luxury might mean a more traditional room with a roll top bath, double vanity units, brass taps and fittings and ornate mirrors. Freestanding baths are frequently chosen for their elegant charm and plush design and are often used as a showpiece with the rest of the bathroom being planned around them.

Whatever your particular preference of style, there are some things you can do to instantly make your bathroom more luxurious and lavish; remove all visual clutter by using pretty baskets to store cosmetics, hairdryers, toilet paper and children’s bath toys; replace mismatched items with a coordinated set; add some scented candles near the bath or on top of the vanity unit to use whilst you are bathing, choosing a fragrance that appeals to you; use soft fluffy towels in gorgeous colours and don’t forget to consider the taps and other fittings in the overall scheme as they will also need to work with the colours you have chosen.

The addition of greenery adds style, personality and colour to a bathroom and they also have a practical use as they can help clear the air. As bathrooms have a higher level of humidity, the plants are much easier to keep alive which is an added bonus for those of us not blessed with green fingers.

Use your imagination and artistic flair, don’t just stick with the same old ideas; perhaps choose an unexpected light fitting or mirror that you wouldn’t normally expect to see in a bathroom or add an unusual piece of furniture such as a bedroom dresser or ornate chair to add personality and create a style that's completely unique.

Now all you have to do is work on ensuring you have some free time to enjoy the lavish bathroom you have created, add a touch of aromatherapy for extra stress-relief and lie back and ENJOY!