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July 10th 2015
3 min read

How to Create a Natural Looking Bathroom

There are a huge choice of bathroom suites, tiles and accessories available for anyone wanting to change or upgrade their bathroom. Modern bathrooms are very attractive but not everyone wants sleek and glossy surfaces.

You may prefer a bathroom with a more natural concept, exuding warmth and comfort and providing you with a refuge in which to relax and unwind after a busy day.

Walls and floors
Many tiles look rustic but are made of porcelain, are hard wearing and of course easy to clean. At Easy Bathrooms we have a lovely range of wall and floor tiles that fit into this category. If you don’t want tiles then natural materials such as exposed brick, stone or wood are excellent options to consider.

Choosing a colour is down to personal choice and you don’t have to opt for earthy tones. However, your bathroom should be a place to relax in, so sticking to mostly softer hues is probably a good idea. Think about pastel greens, sky blues, subtle pinks and sultry reds for a natural looking bathroom but as nature is full of beautiful, dazzling colours, add bolder hints of green, lilac, blue, pink, green and even crimson.

Most people opt for a white bathroom suite these days, as this enables you to change the colour scheme at a later date if you wish. Here at Easy Bathrooms we have a choice of suites or individual furniture available at very reasonable prices and our highly trained team of experts are on hand to help you put together the perfect bathroom.

A basin-style bowl sink placed on top of a vanity unit is stylish yet simple. To get the rustic look you could consider converting an old dresser or antique chest by fitting a bowl on top, this would make quite a show piece.

The more natural lighting you can bring in to the bathroom, the better. Most windows in bathrooms require privacy even with frosted glass, so putting up blinds is the most popular choice but remember they need to be suitable for moist conditions. If your bathroom window is close to the sink or shower, it would be best to choose a waterproof blind that also repels mould and mildew. The range is extensive, vertical, roller, roman and venetian which can be used for practicality and style plus giving necessary privacy screening during daylight and total privacy after dark.

Lighting and mirrors
Good vanity lighting in a bathroom is a must. An illuminated mirror is one option but an old-fashioned mirror with sconces at the side will better suit the natural, rustic theme. Mirrors will help bounce the natural light around. If your bathroom is on the small side, large mirrors will also help create an illusion of space.

For a natural look, leave shelving open and place wicker baskets there for storage. An old ladder can be converted to a multi-tiered towel rail, just use your creativity and imagination!

Accessories are a very easy way to add natural touches to your bathroom, use fresh flowers, plants, dried leaves, pebbles and rope to add to the rustic look.