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April 27th 2015
2 min read

Bringing Summer Into Your Home

Summer is nearly here, and though we waste no time moving our lives outdoors, BBQ, gardening, fresh foods and just enjoying the warm sun.  However, as we focus on the outdoors the inside of our home can become a bit grey. Why not give a sense of renewal and blur the lines between the great outdoors and indoors.

Changing heavy fabrics for light breezy ones, such as chiffon, cotton or an open weave, can bring an instant change in light. Updating cushion covers and curtains from dark to bright, like yellow, oranges, greens and pinks can be perfect to give an instant uplift.  If you really want to make a statement, why not add a splash of colour to a wall and use lighter tones with soft furnishing and outdoors images on canvas.  You don't have to keep it plain, floral, fruits and nature prints are great ways to inspire summer into your home.

Fresh and fruity - Why not use fresh fruit and veg as a centrepiece for your kitchen/dining room, not only will it look lovely but will send a divine scent throughout your home.  Using a contrasting colour to the fruit/veg will give a little extra summer boost, for example a dozen oranges in a yellow bowl. If you prefer flowers, why not take a cutting of flowers from your own garden.

Up cycling/reupholster-  Replacing furniture or soft furnishings can be costly, therefore not always an option. Have no fear, you can still bring a bit of summer into your home, you just need a little bit of time and creativeness.  Using bright paints, printed wall paper or even stencils to cover bookcases, chairs pretty much anything you feel you can bring back to life. The same applies with large furniture, such as a sofa or armchair. Why buy a new one if there's still life in the old, some new covers made from unused curtains, tablecloths etc.  This is a great way of uplifting a room with a personal touch.

Breath of fresh air - The best  way of bringing Summer into your home is by simply tying back the curtains letting in the natural rays. Opening windows and flooding your room with light can create a fresh sense of happiness.