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April 27th 2020
4 min read

Meet the Team: Customer Services Manager

Our customer and technical services manager, Lydia Luxford, is a bathroom extraordinaire. Having owned her own bathroom fitting company, she’s highly technical and can support our customers when it comes to anything product-related.

Find out more in this Q&A:

How long have you worked at Easy Bathrooms?

I’ve been with the company around 2 years

What does your day-to-day role involve?

It’s always exciting working at Easy Bathrooms. My role is very diverse, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, I get to deal with all of our departments regularly and lots of different customers.

My day to day workload includes responding to or speaking with customers regarding generic product enquires or installation issues to handling complaints received relating to service or products. I also speak regularly with our stores up and down the country to assist them with their customer queries or any issues they are having with stock enquiries or delivery issues.

How important are Easy Bathrooms’ customers to you?

The customers are very important, they are the foundation of our business. Ensuring customers receive a great service from initially visiting us, to the completion of their installations and any aftercare required is a priority to myself and the business. As an installer I understand more than most how exciting and important renovations are to customers, so ensuring the designs and supply of goods goes smoothly is of the upmost importance to me.

What is your personal approach towards customer service?

I would say my personal approach to customer services is being able to utilise my knowledge and understanding of how things work and how things can go wrong to ensure we respond fairly to customers. I also pride myself on being able to go the extra mile and give customers advice or resolutions that someone without a background in the trade most likely couldn’t provide.

Why do you think you’re suited to the job?

I would say I am suited to my role due to my previous experience; I have worked with teams of installers on large and small jobs, dealt with all different customers and have also been on the receiving end of great poor service from my previous suppliers. This often helps me to be able to provide additional information to customers and installers, as well as being empathetic to situations with the understanding of how any issues no matter how big or small can affect a customer’s experience and cause delays.

Do you think it helps having a plumbing background?

It certainly helps having a plumbing background, I often receive calls regarding poor installations or issues with installers that I am able to help customers work out. However, I would say the biggest benefit is for the installers or home DIY’er. When they struggle on fitting a product or not fitting a part suitable to fit a product, its very easy for me to apply my knowledge and offer multiple solutions to help resolve issues.

What would make your job easier?

As the company is expanding, my work load is continually increasing, making sure all customer queries and technical questions are responded to efficiently. So, for me, more members of staff with product backgrounds would not necessarily make my job easier but would provide more customers with quicker solutions which is ultimately my main priority.

What is your ultimate fantasy bathroom or tile product?

I don’t really have an ultimate fantasy for bathrooms or tiles, I prefer a space to be usable and relaxing so as long as that’s achieved, I’d be happy. I think most customers assume that when you work for a bathroom company and used to be an installer, my bathroom would be something magical, but to be honest I chose the comfiest bath, a simple tile and some furniture to hide all our shampoo and bubble bath. After a stressful or long day its really nice to light some candles and relax in a hot bath.

If you won £25,000, what would you do with it?

If I won £25,000, I would probably spend a day in shock and then put it to use. My dream for the future is to be in a position to renovate empty homes for the homeless to help tackle homelessness. I believe everyone deserves a roof over their head and a clean private area to bathe and wash, so an amount of money like this could give me a start to open the dream into reality.